Chris Neuert

Jaime and staff,

We couldn't thank you enough for introducing us to your chickens. We have been raising our own for the last 5 years and we love it. I originally thought it would just be an education for my kids but it has turned into a lifestyle. My children Larissa and Chase really enjoy watching, feeding and caring for our flock. We have expanded and have had turkeys geese and ducks as well. My kids really enjoyed swimming with the goslings. We look forward to every spring when we can come to Agway for more chicks, especially the uncommon breeds. The best part of owning chickens is by far the EGGS. They are so much better for you in so many ways, I couldn't never eat another store bought egg again.

Jennifer Booth

I got my chicks at New Egypt Agway and they're very healthy and very big. They are turning 1 in March but they have laid a tremendous amount of eggs in the past months. Even in the winter every day I collect about 4 eggs in total which is pretty good, because most hens stop laying. Next time I decide to get more chicks I'm going to Agway, definitely! My Breeds are...Silver Whydnote, Rhode island Red, Ameraucana, New Hampshire, Buff orbington, Silkie, Black australorp and Barred rock."

Sharon Gray Harrill

I went in last Sunday to get my free four pack of Viola's (which were gorgeous by the way). Anyway I did not realize that you carried no grain dog food. Nicole was very helpful. I picked out a new dog food that has no chicken in it and some new no grain treats. She knew her products and was so very helpful. They also told me about the loyalty program for certain brands of dog food. I was very thankful for all the help and i will be shopping at your store for my dog food from now on...

Jackie Eak

Staff is very helpful & super nice & the store is always clean & just a pleasure to shop at. Also, the only place around that sells the Beaver Bag of "dust-free" shavings which is needed for house chickens. If they don't have what you are looking for, they can get it!

Christine Archer

My family always comes here for bird seed and chicken and rabbit items for years. Always have had a pleasant experience. They have great prices and a wide variety of items. I had a small problem with my grandma getting credit for her birdseed but jamey quickly responded to me and fixed the problem right away! :)

Alexa Forman

I actually look forward to spending my money here. I've been buying feed here for several years, along with other supplies. Prices are always reasonable and employees are fabulous. Never have an issue with them running out of my regular feed, which is a problem you always get when buying from a huge retail store. Definitely my favorite farm & garden supplier.

Scott Pat

What a nice place they have everything!! People are so polite knowledgeable....about pet food etc...

Miki Liang

It was the first time for my family to get baby chicks. The staff members were very friendly, informative, and patient with us. She gave us tips on things that we can do to make our chicks more comfortable. It's been three days and our three little chicks are enjoying their new home. Today I received a card from one of their staff member, and it's not only very considerate--it is also very professional of them. Thank you for having all the supplies we need for our little babies, we will be sure to continue taking great care of them!

Susan Farrell Cook

Always well-stocked, store employees are very friendly and usually can always give sound advice when asked questions. The Owner ALWAYS gives back to the community, whether sponsoring, shows, customer appreciation or contests. FANTASTIC place-definitely one of our BEST "hometown" businesses!!!

Kristi Lynn

Staff is super nice , prices are great ! Bought chicks from here never had a problem

Elizabeth A Hensel

Always friendly staff and a great selection of products at great prices. AG~U is one of my favorite places to visit and shop!

Marie Miceli

It simply does not get any better then this store! Customer for years!

Douglas Kauffman

Great place well stocked and always very friendly.

Michelle Obermeier

Thank you for a great shopping experience! Blair was very helpful in pointing us in all the right directions for what we were looking for. We were so happy to see all the variety in choices we had. Great store, we will definitely be back!

Patrick Riordan

They always have everything we need, and offer so many fun events for the community to attend! Thanks for everything!!

Eric Hilgendorff

A great local business to support. Great prices on all products, customer service is A+, and staff is knowledgeable and friendly.

Lynn M. Cavagnaro-Pryzbylkowsk

Thanks for the special order of dog treats! Great customer service. ... and knowledge of what my dog needed! !! She's been 100 percent better! !

Carly Lages

Great place! Wonderful employees! Only get my dogs food from here.

Linda Kelvy

Awesome place awesome service girls are great always helpful and pleasant they have what you need and if not always willing to order it for you.

Jason Brown

Awesome pet store! The employees are super friendly and knowledgeable, you can bring your puppy in and they have absolutely everything!

Christine Odegaard

A really knowledgeable staff, with an animal nutritionist on staff who can help make recommendations for all of your domestic and farm animal's dietary needs- what more could you ask for in a feed store?!

Vincent LaViola

I visited Animals and Gardens today after being referred from a very knowledgeable associate at a Tractor & Garden supply store regarding their inventory of Chicks they usually have. I telephoned earlier this morning and was told the availability which they had in stock but when I arrived one type of chick wasn't there? WAIT! I was very IMPRESSED and PLEASED by the associate Christa on how accommodating she was to answer any questions that I had. If she didn't know the answers to any of my questions she verified right away with a text or email immediately with Nichole and/or Vicki to make sure I was assured and accommodated for any inconvenience that happened earlier with the miscommunication. I do not live close by and there are plenty of supply and chicken vendors but because of Christa I will return. Oh by the way they even ordered me the chick they didn't have available and I will be picking up next week. Keep up the great customer service and I will keep coming back and referring my friends and neighbors as well.

Amy Ellen

I always love taking the ride here to get chicken feed and we brought our Great Dane in for some socializing (he’s a puppy) and the girls were so sweet. He got treats, which are his favorite lol.

Shelley Juckett Guevara

Amazing family owned business! Great service!

Bill Veldof

Good luck with the fishing with Harry's going out of business you guys should do very good. Dave is a great guy with many year experience in the fishing industry you guys will do very well. Good luck.

Jennifer Mylod

A lovely and interesting place to shop for pets, farm supplies & garden. There is a large selection for each category of animal, and the items for sale are well priced and fair. They also price match! I like the decor, and the variety of interesting things! Walking through - it smells wonderful, as they even carry essential oils, home made soaps & lotions -as well as local honey etc. The staff is super friendly, and very helpful, and even welcomed my pup! It's a pleasure to shop there!